Archive Guidelines

Documents to be collected:

  • Ballots - Keep ballots for one year then discard, keeping a tally and blank ballot for archiving.
  • Board Meeting papers - Agenda and minutes.
  • Lists of Board Members.
  • Membership lists.
  • Mentoring Information.
  • Newsletters - 3 copies of each.
  • Nominating Committee Minutes.
  • Photographs - current practice is to print (b&w) photos and mark them for event/individuals/place. Archive digital photos on a cd yearly.
  • Stipend awards - Keep individual applications 1 year and then discard, keeping winning application.
  • Treasurer’s Reports.
  • Website - complete printout every 6 months, July and February.
  •  Programs - brochure, agenda, speaker bios, publicity, evaluation summaries, etc.

From President:

  • Significant correspondence, including printed email.
  • Documentation of special efforts or initiatives.
  • Annual report to ACRL.
  • Correspondence with ACRL.

From all board members:

  • Send all documents considered of interest to the archivist for inclusion. Think of the work you have done and if it will inform people in the future. If in doubt send them in!

Last updated: August 2006