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Please join or renew online now. Or, print out and complete the Membership Dues Form and mail it along with your check to Eleanor Goldberg, Treasurer to renew your membership.

Dues are payable on the first of July and your membership is current for 12 months. Your dues cover operational expenses such as printed materials, mailings, and maintaining our web presence. The Chapter also sponsors two stipends each year. One stipend is awarded to help a future academic librarian with educational expenses; that stipend winner is chosen from essays and resumes submitted to the Board from applicants. A second stipend may be awarded to help defray the expenses of a member who attends Legislative Day in Washington; this also requires an application to the Board.

Members whose dues fall into arrears will be removed from the mailing list within a year after the subscription lapses.

Please notify us of address changes, employment updates, retirements, etc. Help us keep our mailing list current!