Mentoring Program

Are you a library student thinking about a career in academic librarianship? A new librarian looking for advice and guidance? An experienced librarian considering a job change or a move into administration?

We can match you up with a librarian mentor who can answer questions, give advice, or just serve as a sounding board for your worries and ideas.

The program is available throughout a sizeable geographic region, and mentors are available in university, college and community college libraries in areas of administration, archives, special collections, public and technical services. Mentees and mentors usually meet at least once, and continue communication vie e-mail and/or telephone conversations.

To be matched with a mentor, please fill out the Mentor Request Form. We will match you with a librarian who has expertise in those areas, and works within a reasonable geographic proximity.

To volunteer as a mentor, please submit the Mentor Form.

Jessica Denke
DeSales University